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Hi, My nade is Saeki a lil amateur artist, i love to draw NSFW from all characters i do like or love from any media i know, but most important i love Yordles and Shortstacks, happy to be friend to anyone and trying me best to be a better artist!!! yay

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I open Emergency Commissions right now, reason for this i need to pay the bill of the operation of one of my Dog, her name is Goya, she has a tumour on her mammary gland, she is now safe, But she is my responsability in the end, i really really need to pay for this because she is very important for me, right now i going to give a 25% discount on everything so plz, i really need all the help i can get

For information on my commission prices heres the link to my Twitter also a photo of my beloved Goya, plz i really need all the support i can get


Sketch: a clen sketch $10, $15 for full body, extra characters cost $5 extra

Lineart/Ink: a lineart $20, $25 for full body, extra characters cost $10 extra

Base Color/Base Shading: a base color with base shading $30, $35 for full body, extra characters cost $15 extra

FullShading: a more worked shading with the extra stuff $40, $45 for full body, extra characters cost $25 extra

Simple Backgrounds: dont have a cost

Complex Backgrounds: Does have a cost, depends on how hard it is for me to do

Private Work: for any private work have a extra fee of $25

Variations: Variations have a cost, if its only face only doesnt cost extra but if its clothing, cumming, x-ray etc, cost $8 extra per variation



-Male characters, i can draw male genitals, not full body of males, sorry i still need to practice alot

-Weird Fetish like Scat/Urination,Torture,Electric Torture,Vomit,Violence rape

-Nothing R-18G


-Lolis i dont have trouble with them

-Ultra female trap guys, example likes Astolfo from Fate/Apo

Commission Process: Contact me via any of my media, i will try to respond as soon as i can keep in mind i have a bit bussy lifestyle so have patience, as soon as i reply you and i accept your commission, send any reference you wish for it (Photos, a Very Very Detail descrption, etc) after that i will send you a invoice when it's paid i will start working on it, like i say i have a bussy lifestyle so please dont rush me, i will first send you the sketch if you see any error tell me and i will work on it, you can only make 3 changes so keep that in mind, after that i will work on the ink/lineart and seend it to you, after this point you cannot make me change anything, i will keep you sending my progress until i finish.

Payment method: Payment will be via Paypal invoice only

Policies: Keep in mind that if you ask me to do any lineart/sketch you dont have the rights to color it, edit it without permission, i will not take commissions for people who wish to do that on my work, after i send it to you, you are free to post it anywhere you want but you have to give credit for it, Pirvate work will not be posted anywhere and not be used for any publicity for my work, i can use any commissioned artwork i made for examples with exception of private workiu_80093_7116932.jpg


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